Requirements and Courses

The Race, Ethnicity, and Politics (REP) Graduate Certificate is available to students already admitted to and enrolled in a graduate program at UConn.

Students are required to complete a total of four pre-approved 3-credit courses with significant REP content, earning a grade of B or higher in each.

In addition, all students enrolled in the certificate program are expected to participate in one reading group session each year in which all core POLS faculty and enrolled students will read and discuss one non-course book determined to be of relevance to REP. REP Graduate Certificate students must also participate in one conference each year, sharing research undertaken in one of their REP courses. 

Required Courses

Twelve 5000/6000-level course credits are required to complete the REP Graduate Certificate.

The coursework, approved by the Director of the REP Graduate Certificate program, shall include:

  • At least two, but no more than three, graduate seminars in Political Science
  • One graduate seminar with a U.S. focus
  • One graduate course that is international or global in scope

By “U.S.-focused,” we mean that at least three-quarters of course readings and discussion will deal with questions of race, ethnicity, and politics as explored in the U.S. context. By “international” or “global,” we mean that at least three-quarters of course readings and discussion will deal with questions of race, ethnicity, and politics as explored in an international or global context. To determine whether a particular course satisfies requirements (b) and (c), students selecting classes should consult with the director of the REP Graduate Certificate program, who will maintain a file of existing syllabi for pre-approved courses in and outside of POLS.

The Graduate Certificate program director may approve other courses in addition to those that are pre-approved.

Course Offerings for Fall 2020

Catalog number Course description Instructor Day Time
 ENGL 5530  World Literature in English  Eleni Coundouriotis Tu  9:30pm-12pm
 GERM 6480  German-African Connections  Katharina Von Hammerstein  W   4:00pm-7:00pm 
 SOC 5501  Racism Theory  Noel Cazenave  Tu  3:30pm-6:15pm
 HDFS 5312  Diverse Families  Linda Halgunseth  W  12:20pm-2:50pm
 HIST 5630  Historical Develop of the Caribbean  Melina Pappademos  Th  12:30pm-3:30pm
 SWEL 5377  Urban Policy Issues  Louise Simmons  W  6:45pm-9:15pm
 POLS 5105  Critical Theory  Fred Lee  W  4:00pm-6:30pm
 COMM 5220  Group Communication  Shardé Davis  W  5:00pm-8:00pm

Course Offerings for Spring 2021

Catalog number Course description Instructor Day Time
 AMST 6000  Methods and Major Texts  Chris Vials  M  4-6:30pm
 EDCI 5847  Human Rights and Social Justice…   Glenn Mitoma  M  4:40-7:40pm
 LAW 7529  Immigration and Workplace Rights  Sachin Pandya  M   10:30am-12pm 
 LAW 7810  American Indian Law  Bethany Berger  MW  11am-12:30pm
 LAW 7814  Refugee Law  Jon Bauer  Th  2-5 pm
 PHIL 5325  Africana Philosophy  Lewis Gordon  M  5-7:30pm
 PSYC 6782  Cross-Cultural Psychology  Nairán Ramírez-Esparza  M  12:25pm-3:25pm

Pre-Approved Courses
The following 3-credit courses have been pre-approved by the REP Graduate Certificate program. All instructors have consented to have their courses included. Because some of these courses use generic course numbers, the particular course title and instructor are also listed, along with the frequency of the course offering.

  • AMST 6000, Proseminar in American Studies, Chris Vials, English and American Studies; course offered each year.
  • AMST 6850, Crime, Policing, and Punishment in the US, Melanie Newport, History and American studies.
  • ANTH 5035, Anthropology of Social Justice and Injustice, Sarah Willen, Anthropology and Human Rights; course offered every 3-4 years.
  • ANTH 5305, Race, Gender, and Science, Deborah Bolnick, Anthropology.
  • BASC 5300, Human Oppression, Miriam Valdovinos, Social Work.
  • COMM 5220, Group Communication, Shardé Davis, Communication.
  • COMM 5895, Cross-Cultural Communication, Diana Rios, Communication.
  • EDCI 5875, Multicultural Education, Mark Kohan, Education; each semester.
  • EDCI 5830/5847, Human Rights and Social Justice in Education, Glenn Mitoma, Human Rights and Education; course offered every two years.
  • ENGL 5530, World Literature in English, Eleni Coundouriotis, English and Comparative Literary and Cultural Studies.
  • ENGL 6400, American Ethnic Literature: Post-Reconstruction African American Literature, Shawn Salvant, English.
  • ENGL 6450, Special Topics in American Literature: Black Girl Magic, Katherine Capshaw, English.
  • ENGL 6450, Special Topics in American Literature: Black Abolitionists and Print Culture, Mary Ann Duane, English.
  • ENGL 6540, Seminar in Literature and Human Rights: Narratives of the Refugee Experience, Eleni Coundouriotis, English and Comparative Literary and Cultural Studies.
  • ENGL 6400, American Ethnic Literature: Abolition and Slavery in Literary and Popular Culture, Martha Cutter, English.
  • ENGL 6400, American Ethnic Literature: African American Literature: Post-Bellum, Pre-Harlem, Shawn Salvant, English.
  • ENGL 6530, Cold War Assemblages: Postcolonial Perspectives, Bhakti Shringarpure, English. 
  • ENGL 6752, Feminism and Its Discontents,Bhakti Shringarpure, English. 
  • GEO 5840, Advanced Topics in Urban Geography, Carol Atkinson-Palombo, Geography.
  • GERM 6480, German-African Connections, Katharina Von Hammerstein, German; course offered in German every two years.
  • HDFS 5312, Diverse Families: Adaptations Across the Lifespan, Linda Halgunseth, Human Development and Family Studies.
  • HIST 5195, Reconstruction, Manisha Sinha, History.
  • HIST 5235, The Making of the African Diaspora
  • HIST 5525, Society and Culture in the Civil War Era
  • HIST 5543, Social Change in 19th Century America
  • HIST 5565, Topics in the History of Urban America
  • HIST 5570, Making the Black Atlantic, Dexter Gabriel, History.
  • HIST 5610, Comparative Transnational Latin(o) Am. History
  • HIST 5622, Historical Literature of Latin America
  • HIST 5630, Historical Development of the Caribbean
  • LAW 7380, Critical Identity Theory, Jamelia Morgan, Law. 
  • LAW 7529, Immigration and Workplace Rights, Sachin Pandya, Law; every other year.
  • LAW 7655, Employment Discrimination, Peter Siegelman, Law and Jon Bauer, Law and Human Rights; every spring.
  • LAW 7703, Election Law, Doug Spencer, Law and Public Policy; every year.
  • LAW 7810, Indian Law, Bethany Berger, Law; every two years.
  • LAW 7814, Refugee Law, Jon Bauer, Law.
  • LLAS 5105, Race and the Critical Traditions of U.S. Law in Latin America, Charles Venator POLS and Latino/a, Caribbean, and Latin American Studies; every 4-5 years.
  • LLAS/SOCI 5525: Race, Immigration and Reproduction, Marysol Asencio, Sociology
  • LLAS 5610, Comparative Transnational Latin@ American History, Mark Overmyer-Velazquez, History and Latino/a, Caribbean, and Latin American Studies; every two years.
  • PHIL 5310, Race and Human Sciences, Lewis Gordon, Philosophy; every three years.
  • PHIL 5325, Africana Philosophy, Lewis Gordon, Philosophy
  • PHIL 5397, Alienation and Freedom, Lewis Gordon, Philosophy. 
  • POLS 5105, Critical (Race) Theory, Fred Lee, POLS and Asian and Asian American Studies; every two years.
  • POLS 5105, Settler Colonialism/Indigenous Thought and Practice, Jane Gordon, POLS; every four years.
  • POLS 5409, Special Topics in American Race, Gender, and Ethnic Politics, Evelyn Simien POLS and Africana Studies and Shayla Nunnally, POLS and Africana Studies; every four years.
  • POLS 5410, Black Feminist Theory and Politics, Evelyn Simien, POLS; every four years.
  • PSYCH 6750, Stigma, Diane Quinn, Psychological Sciences; every other year.
  • PSYCH 5170, Behavioral Sciences of HIV/AIDS, Seth Kalichman, Psychological Sciences; every year.
  • PSYCH 5170, Cross-Cultural Psychology, Narian Ramirez-Esparza, Psychological Sciences; every two years.
  • PSYC 5370, Ethnic Minority Psychology, Monnica Williams, Psychological Sciences; every year.
  • SOC 5501, Racism Theory, Noel Cazenave, Sociology, Simon Cheng, Sociology, Manisha Desai Sociology, Davita Glasberg, Sociology, Matthew Hughey, Sociology, Bandana Purkayastha, Sociology; every year.
  • SWEL 5377, Urban Policy Issues, Louise Simmons, Social Work; every fall.
  • SWEL 5385, Human Rights and Social Work, Kathryn Libal (Community Organization and Human Rights) and S. Megan Berthold, Casework; offered each year.