Applying for Admission

The REP Graduate Certificate is available to students already admitted to and enrolled in a MA, MS, MPH, MA/PhD or PhD program at UCONN. Before applying, all interested students must meet with the Director of the REP graduate certificate program to assure that the program’s requirements are clear and cohere effectively with the student’s intellectual aims. Before being admitted, interested graduate students must also obtain consent from their advisor. Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis in accordance with Graduate School guidelines.

To begin your application, click here:

  • Your graduate application form,
  • Your personal statement (approximately 350 words explaining the relationship of the REP Graduate Certificate to your larger intellectual aims and endeavors),
  • One letter of recommendation (when you enter the name and contact information of your letter writer, a prompt link will be sent to them so that they can upload their letter),
  • Unofficial transcript of your course work completed to date, and
  • Major advisor approval form (this is only necessary if your letter of recommendation is not written by your major advisor).

Because students eligible for the graduate certificate are already enrolled in UCONN’s Graduate School, the application fee of $75 can and should be WAIVED. To make sure that you do not have to pay this fee, email

If you have any questions on how to use the Hobson’s Apply Yourself online application system, please contact The Graduate School at 860-486-3617.

Please submit application materials no later than:

December 1 - Spring Semester
March 15 - Summer Semester
June 15 - Fall Semester